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Hey Home Buyers,

I work with both home sellers, and home buyers. I want to make this clear since I'm doing this blog for home buyers. I will always encourage my listing clients to get every penny their home is worth, or what someone is willing to pay!

Onslow County is forever growing. If you are in the market in buying a new home in Jacksonville, Richlands, Hubert, Holly Ridge, Sneads Ferry, Top Sail, ONSLOW and PENDER COUNTY in general make sure your asking your realtor about the ever changing rezoning ordinances/hearings. Our community as a whole is getting bigger which mean expansion into rural areas.

Buying Advice (under $350K forĀ Jacksonville, Richlands, Hubert, Holly Ridge, Sneads Ferry, Top Sail, ONSLOW and PENDER COUNTY ):

- Make a competitive offer but don't get sucked into a bidding war. The idea is to engage the seller into negotiating with your offer. This home shortage has buyers over paying for properties by thousand$! Stick to your guns and trust your realtors price opinion. It really comes down to how bad you want the home and what you can afford.

- Due Diligence money is very popular right now. To keep it simple Due Diligence Money is a NON-REFUNDABLE promise of money given on an accepted offer (Home is off the market) to allow you to do a more detail inspection of the home. Due Diligence period will have a designated date before you forfeit Ernest Money. Since we are in a sellers market this has become more of a sellers benefit because buyers are limited to home inventory available on the market. Home buyers can use this as a negotiating tactic just remember its NON-REFUNDABLE! To keep it even more simple Due Diligence Money is not required. The Jacksonville NC market has gone crazy!

-Buyer incentives; at the moment if you are asking for closing cost to be covered you will lose most of the time (94/100 personal opinion). Mind you I'm making this post to benefit buyers. Even though we are in a sellers market I do think that a home warranty should be paid by the seller (usually about $500). A home warranty can help cover basic mechanics of a home like hvac, fridge, dish washer and other home appliances. If you are able to squeeze a home/septic inspect you struck gold.

Buyers: Home sales are at an all time high and I do believe they will decrease (I don't know when). With that being said don't buy out side your means and plan for a home value decrease ( housing bubble cost Onslow county home owners about an ESTIMATED 14% of value). Moral of the story plan for the future when purchasing a home.


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